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Mikonos Mosaic, S.L., formed on 2 September 2013, is an EU company based in Spain, more specifically in the so-called ceramic tile cluster of Castellón, which accounts for 90% of the production of ceramic tiles in Spain.

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Our ceramic tile products come in all possible versions: wall tiles, stoneware floor tiles, and glazed porcelain stoneware floor tiles.


They have their corresponding Declaration of Performance accredited by CE marking on all boxes.
Our products comply with all the specifications stipulated by international regulations, and specifically with the requirements established by ISO 10545, but our concern to meet our customers’ needs makes us go far beyond compliance with product specifications. That’s why the production process of our tiles is planned out, executed and controlled in keeping with the requirements established by the UNE-EN ISO 9000 international standard.
The company’s commitment to the environment and sustainable economy also means that our products are manufactured using clean processes that respect the environment,

which is why our products are manufactured in plants holding the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control permit that guarantees maximum respect for our environment.

In order to achieve all these ambitious commitments to the environment and the objective quality of our products, we use the best and most modern production resources both with raw materials and with production technology.

Our desire to satisfy the needs of buyers of ceramic tiles means that we operate in the most important markets in Europe and the rest of the world.

empresa mykonos


We think about you and then about the tools, forms and materials to create the tile that will transform your home in the clearest and most striking way possible.




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